I am reading a book called Quiet, by Susan Cain. Her words have awoken in me a new sense of confidence, which at times feels almost like indignant righteousness. I have been subtly encouraged all my life, including my 35 years of adulthood, to be more outgoing.

The paradigm of success is modeled after the outgoing, socially graceful, extemporaneous conversationalists that fill the ranks of professional leadership teams everywhere.

That was a mouthful.  I had to reread and rewrite it 6 times to get it right.  I’m not an extemporaneous thinker.  I’m deliberate and pensive and I like to plan ahead.  I like to retreat into the quiet, safe, familiar space of my own mind, where I can ruminate on things prior to emerging with meaningful pearls of wisdom to engage my listeners. Or readers.

I am not quite finished with the book, but I am already in love with it and I know I will read it (listen to it actually, thank you Audible) several times.

It’s okay to not be outgoing. I still have self-worth. I just don’t talk about it.


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