is a web site for clubs and groups to organize and manage their activities.  This was my own personal brainchild and I envisioned it, documented the requirements (with help), designed, built (with help), tested, and marketed it.  When my business took a different direction the product, which took about 14 months to build from start to finish, went stale.  I have since taken it offline to preserve its functionality until it can be resurrected and marketed once again.  My pet tagline for it was “, Only Better.”

The collection of files below represents a very small sampling of the documentation produced during the creation of this product.  The functional requirements doc (FRD) was 208 pages long.  The notifications requirements document was another 32 pages long, privacy requirements were 3 pages, navigation chart 3 pages, mockups 48 pages, wireframe analysis 30 pages, and there were two complete graphic design iterations generating many more files, images, and storyboards.  The development process also generated testing scripts, bug reports, change control tracking, and on and on.  That’s not to mention all the early design iterations, pages of written and rewritten marketing copy, promotional plans, and thousands of emails between collaborators.

I am in Virginia, I had assistance from an analyst and a UI architect in Connecticut, and a graphic designer in the Ukraine.  The PR expert was in Brooklyn, my Virtual Assistant was in Manila, my back-end development team was in Punjab, India, and the server was in Scottsdale, Arizona.  There were a lot of moving parts and time zones, and I managed the entire SDLC process myself with email, phone calls, IM chat, and Skype.

All documentation and designs attached hereto are © 2009 – 2012 Avarra Solutions, LLC, and © 2012 – 2017 Grouvie, LLC.

RFP Excerpt
FRD Excerpt
Use Case Excerpt
Sample Mockup
Sample Wireframe – Rough
Sample Wireframe – Final
Final Design – Public Home Page
Final Design – Group Page

In addition to the above, there are also several documents and spreadsheets representing the testing efforts. However they are long and boring and hard to convert to pdf without losing much of the detail. If you are interested in seeing any of them I’d be happy to show them to you on a Skype conference call, or even send them to you upon receipt of a signed confidentiality agreement.


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