My core strengths lie in two areas:  business analysis and web design.

My ability to think strategically, with the big picture in mind, is a major asset to any client, project, or employer.  With 25 years in SDLC, user interface design, client satisfaction, and requirements building, I can visualize, document, design, and manage the implementation of any web site or web-based application.

I am a hard-core left-brain logical thinker.  I can see complete relational databases in my head, I can sketch web page layouts with my eyes closed, and create an elegant content architecture out of a jumbled mess of raw marketing content.

I can imagine and generally anticipate how users will react to a task, a web page, or a message before it’s implemented (and before time and money is spent implementing it).

I can recreate an exact replica of a PSD file in HTML and CSS without any (or minimal) graphics.



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