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This was written in 2011 and I’ve had 2 different jobs since then (it’s now 2017).  I’m also writing a book about healthy cooking and meal planning and I spend a lot of time honing my writing skills. When I get a chance I’ll update this list, but in the meantime feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile to see an updated CV, link at right –>.

CEO | Avarra Solutions | 2008 to Present

Avarra Solutions offers Internet marketing consulting, training, and workshops, as well as web design and development services. You can find out more info about Avarra Solutions at

Business/Systems Analyst & UI Designer | Verizon | 2000 to 2009

While building my consulting company, Red Horizon, I landed Bell Atlantic (later to become Verizon) as a client. They hired me for a Y2K project as a Cold Fusion developer. After the project ended they invited me to stay on as a BA and UI designer. Over a ten-year period I filled various A&D roles on several projects, including two large-scale ordering systems.

Owner, Analyst, Designer, Marketer | Red Horizon, LLC | 1999 to 2008

Red Horizon was a successful and profitable web application development consulting company, which I built from the ground up. We utilized cutting-edge web technology platforms to define and build over 60 successful web projects for our clients. Our consistent “on-time and under-budget” results-oriented approach won us much acclaim, resulting in a significant amount of repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

Director of Professional Services | netValue, inc. | 1996 to 1998

netValue was a web-based coupon delivery platform for the CPG and retail industries. As the head of Professional Services, I started with the company as a one-woman department, doing everything from project-managing development work to building sales demos and creating beta test programs. Before the company folded I built a complete department with two additional managers and six staff.


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