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Analysis and Design (A&D)

In several large projects my role focused heavily on working in a collaborative environment with end users and client advocates to understand the business process and create thorough project requirements. I am a proponent of thorough documentation that includes complete textual descriptions and visual illustrations of functional requirements, specifications, user interface design, use cases and test acceptance scripts. As an analyst I also have highly-developed communication skills — my writing and documentation skills are excellent and I am comfortable speaking in front of groups.

Leadership and Collaboration

As a leader of both projects and people on and off since 1985, I have comfortably settled into a team-oriented approach to leadership. My style is less managerial and more collaborative, and when working with clients I have learned to rely on the axiom “trust but verify.” Clients know what they do, but they don’t always know what they want (or need). It has been my mission and my sincere pleasure to help them explore alternative opportunities and ultimately find the best (quickest, most affordable, most likely to succeed) solution. One of the clients on a project once told my director, "Lisa is the best thing that’s happened to this project."

Marketing & SEO

I have become an adept marketer of my business’s services and products. My grassroots efforts at market research and testing (and occasionally implementing) of various social media marketing outlets, PR programs, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics have resulted in good local exposure for my business. I also offer Internet marketing workshops and other training resources for local small business owners and have become known locally as an expert in this area.


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